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Sparhawk Trucking Inc. was established in Wisconsin Rapids, WI by Thomas A. Sparhawk. In 1979, Mr. Sparhawk took over his father’s body shop business after he retired. He first repaired trucks but soon decided to purchase one of them. Sparhawk’s first truck was leased to a local driver who took sand and gravel from Plover, WI to Marshfield, WI. This was the beginning of what is now one of the biggest local trucking businesses in central Wisconsin.

Mr. Sparhawk was ready to take on his new business adventure. He conquered taking on the transportation authority, lawyers, special fuel permits per state, bingo cards and all the permit services needed to expand his new business. Sparhawk became Incorporated in 1980 during a severe economic depression. He purchased three trucks and repaired them to begin moving freight. Our primary customers were local mills that were shipping paper. As a new business, Sparhawk performed with excellence. Sparhawk put on the road as much equipment as he could to let the business grow. Sparhawk took on the challenge to compete at the highest levels and let his business expand. He hired the best people he could, kept prices for customers low, and began to create cutting edge programs to maximize efficiency.

Founder Thomas Sparhawk has retired, and his son Mark A. Sparhawk has taken over as President. The legacy of Thomas Sparhawk is stronger than ever as Sparhawk Trucking Inc. focuses on treating people the very best. Customers, drivers, office staff, maintenance, and repair workers are all vital in keeping our legacy moving forward. From one truc


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