Revitalize Your Small Business Website For Success in Uncertain Economic Times

With the uncertainty of the economy, it is more important than ever to make sure that your small business has a strong online presence. This can be done through website updates, secure PDFs, SEO tactics, and competitive content. Making these changes to your business website can help boost sales and give you peace of mind. The Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is here to help with these simple tips; let's get started.

Utilize a Call-to-Action

Having a call-to-action on your website encourages visitors to take action and make purchases. Examples include “Buy Now” or “Sign Up Here” buttons. These calls-to-action should be prominent and clear so visitors know what their next step should be. Additionally, having discounts or promotions available on your site will further encourage customers to purchase from you rather than competitors.

Refresh the Overall Design

Having an outdated website design can put off potential customers since it does not reflect well on your business. Consider refreshing the overall design of your website with modern features such as a slider for featured products or services, customer reviews, or an image gallery showcasing past work, products, or services. Doing this will give your business a more professional look and feel, which can attract more customers and ultimately increase sales.

Use New SEO Tactics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key when it comes to getting noticed online. It ensures that your website shows up higher in search engine results when someone searches for certain keywords related to the products or services you offer. There are many free SEO tools out there that you can use to explore existing SEO tactics and implement new ones such as keyword research and link building.

Provide Competitive Content

Content is king when it comes to successful websites. Make sure that the content on your site is relevant and up-to-date while also providing value for readers, such as helpful tips and tricks related to what you offer or customer stories that back up your products. Providing competitive content will not only draw potential customers in, but also help build trust with existing ones who are looking for valuable information about what you offer.

Learn Coding Skills to Make Repairs When Needed

It's always good practice to learn coding skills so that if something goes wrong with your website, you have the knowledge necessary to troubleshoot the issue yourself instead of relying on outside help. This will save you both time and money. The internet has plenty of free resources available, so don't let coding intimidate you; this type of knowledge is invaluable for small business owners.

Use PDF Tools to Simplify Operations

PDFs are important for any small business, since they provide detailed information about products and services offered without sacrificing security. By using a PDF form filler, you can have customers fill out and sign documents securely. This helps protect both your business and customers. Also, consider using PDFs when offering promotional material such as coupons; this ensures that only those who have access can use them versus having them posted publicly.

Learn More About Data Analytics

Data analytics allow businesses to measure success while also helping to identify areas of improvement needed to maximize profits over time. Understanding how data can be used effectively is essential if businesses want long-term success despite changing market conditions. There are plenty of free resources available online that can help you learn more about analytics tools and their benefits; read reviews before committing to any new tools.


Growing a business during uncertain economic times can be stressful. That's why it's so important to take steps to stay on top of your website, which is the strongest tool you have as an entrepreneur. By using cost-effective PDF tools, learning more about data analytics, and keeping your content fresh, you can ensure that your business is strong, even in the face of a recession.


The Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce can help your small business thrive. Take a look at the resources we offer today!