Sun Tan City


Tanning Salon

About Us

Sun Tan City is a leading salon in the Tanning Industry and both locations in central WI are locally owned and operated.

Our Mission Is Simple: To Get You, the Client, the Results You Want

Step 1: Superior Equipment

At Sun Tan City, we only invest in tanning beds with proven tanning power. For each bed, we carefully select lamps designed to deliver deep, dark tans. Sure, it costs us a little more, but if it helps us deliver on our mission to provide the best results, it’s worth every penny.

Step 2: The Best Skin Care Products

We research the best skin care products on the market and offer them in conjunction with our modern tanning equipment.

Step 3: Well-Trained Tanning Consultants

We give our employees the best training so they can help you choose the combination of lotions and equipment that will be most effective for your individual skin type and tanning goals.